Marketing Inspiration: Kristi Thinks About YouTube Channel

Guys – I love marketing! And I love thinking about the different ways in which brands can reach audiences. Through brand storytelling, humor, new technology or creating a movement, brands from all types of industries are connecting on an emotional level with their target customers.

I’ve curated some great examples on my YouTube Channel: Kristi Thinks About

I also have launched a website dedicated to AR/VR/MR technologies used in healthcare called

And, below are some of my favorite playlists from my channels. I hope these videos help you find some inspiration for your next project.

Or, at least they will remind you why we love marketing and how we can use it to touch people with our message.

healthiAR: Excited for VR in Health

healthiAR: I interview Dr. Oz on his vision for VR in healthcare

healthiAR: I interview Sim for Health practice VR training

Kristi Thinks About: VR Content

Kristi Thinks About: Branded Documentaries

Kristi Thinks About: Things That Are Cool

Kristi Thinks About: Branded Storytelling

Kristi Thinks About: Agile Storytelling

Kristi Thinks About: VR/AR/MR

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Kristi specializes in creating integrated marketing strategies and plans for niched audiences within the medical device, diagnostic, and specialty pharmaceutical space. She is an adjunct professor at West Virginia University in the Integrated Marketing Communications online masters program. She holds a BS in graphic design and a MS in integrated marketing communications. She works nationwide from her home office in Orange, California where she lives with her husband, son, 3 rescued dogs and 4 urban baby chickens.